Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Cropped Leather Jacket Collection

Punk Leather
The leather jacket has always been associated with subculture music — rock to metal, punk to dark pop. It carries a sense of cool almost without exception. The exception is for anyone who can't escape the 80s when leather took a cheap and shiny turn. People bought one leather jacket and wore it to death.

Anymore, it's really not enough for women to have only one jacket. The various cuts, crops, and styles have made leather a fashion crossover ranging from soft and sophisticated to hard and free spirited. Some of them aren't real leather at all, and it's becoming harder and harder to tell the difference.

So the only rule of thumb, especially for women, is that there are no rules. Although cropped jackets look better a little small (usually one size smaller) and anything the men's side of the aisle ought to be bigger, the only other cautions tend to be related to double-breasted styles (unless it's a trench) and never wear all leather (unless you really do own a motorcycle). Otherwise, anything is possible.

A focus on cropped leather jackets as a fall accessory. 

punk leather
There isn't any mystery that cropped leather jackets aren't meant to keep you warm into the winter months. There are other designs that can do that. But as the fall temperatures start to drop, cropped cuts can punctuate dozens of fall styles better than many other layered looks.

One standout recently seen is the cropped leather jacket that picks up punk elements with a light motorcycle jacket look (noting that real bikers would need more material). The detail work is immediately noticeable: pyramid rivets across the shoulders and zipped cuffs.

rock leather
What is less noticeable but important is that the back hemline has pleat detailing. There is shearing detail around the collar. It's black as some of the best leather jackets always are, making it perfect to pair with denim, lace or layers.

Another punk-style biker jacket features several styles of rivets across the lapels. This makes for a good look unless you happen to zip it up. When it's zipped, all the detail disappear and the rivets press into the chest. So while the look is good, make note that there are some limitations.

biker jacker
On the plus side, the jacket does have well-designed roll-up button cuffs. It's also stitched across the shoulders to give it a much more finished look. The cut is partly inspired by the bomber jacket, making it a little less tough and a little more fun. It's also easier to mix and match with other fashions.

Much more straightforward in terms of design is the standing collar biker jacket, with detailed front panels. At a glance, it might look like the sleeves are too long, but they are best worn rolled up onto the arm, either to the elbows or at least three quarters of the way up.

smart leather
The design also has a spliced hemline and diagonal closure. It's one of the few faux leather jackets that comes in colors, including camel, gray and navy blue. Just be a little wary of some colors. Depending on the color, faux leather jackets have a higher sheen than their black counterparts.

Besides black, look for light camels, beiges, browns, and tans. All of them are more versatile. The zipped faux leather coat, for example, adds a more sophisticated feel in camel. It has padded shoulders, which squares them up and draws attention to the neckline.

Other than the exterior zipper pouch pockets, the final of these four picks provides a good looking alternative to traditional biker black. It makes the entire ensemble feel lighter and might provide a bit more diversity in how it matches up.

A little bit more about Oasap High Street Fashion. 

Oasap High Street Fashion hasn't even been around for a full year, but it's quickly catching attention as an online retailer. The reason is pretty simple. Oasap looks for alternative cuts and fashions with an attitude and then ships them direct from Asian manufacturers in order to cut down on the cost.

There are no designer names here, but some of the cutting-edge and vintage looks will feel familiar. Many of them, however, are sold in limited quantities or specified shopping deadlines, including some of the ones highlighted above. They frequently find great niche styles and accessories to deliver at a affordable price (without designer labels).

Cropped Leather Jackets From Oasap Rise At 4.9 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale. 

Most of the leather jackets highlighted are relatively standard, except the one that prompted the review. The standout leather jacket with pyramid rivets presents itself as modern and vintage at the same time. However, it might also be important to note that there is something else unique about these jackets.

All of them from Oasap range from $55 to about $100. Some orders over $100 qualify for a $50 coupon. While I've never been big on price shopping, many of the women I know always keep an eye out for deals like these. The reason, they tell me, is because low-cost or closeout fashion helps them add diversity to their wardrobes while saving up for a few choice designer pieces at the same time. And that makes sense to me.
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