Friday, February 11, 2022

In Review: Tess Parks, The Lumineers, and more...

Toronto-born, London-based artist Tess Parks will be out with her long-awaited new album ‘And Those Who Were Seen Dancing’ on May 20. She pieced these songs together in London, Toronto, and Los Angeles with friends and family over three years.

The first track released, 'Happy Birthday Forever' balances some alt-psych vibes with shoegaze influences. If the rest of the album is like this track, expect ‘And Those Who Were Seen Dancing’ to make your favorite playlist. LHRS: 7.9

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Denver-based American folk-rock band the Lumineers are out with their fourth album, Brightside. It's a bit more mellow than their usual outings and the addition of electric guitar. Some people don't like it, but the addition adds a bit of an edge to an otherwise consistently great album. 

Overall, what works is the tone of the album even if a few of the repetitive choruses fall short. It's going to play great on the road where the band can hit fan favorites and then drop in the nine tracks from Brightside with a looser performance than the studiocut. That might even be why they are asking people to leave their phones at home (or check them at the door).  LHRS: 6.8

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Rising Cork trio Rowan is off to an explosive start with their visceral new single 'Irish To My Bones.' The track features some thundering riffs with vocalist Dylan Howe howling the lyrics to pierce what he calls a modern perspective of suppression and shame.  

Cut from the upcoming May release of their debut album, Does It Make You Happy, the band should be attracting plenty of attention. Last year, two other tracks were championed by alterative rock reviewers who clearly see something special here and so do we. LHRS: 5.8

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We're always looking for a mix of music on Liquid [Hip] so we're adding 'Spineless' by Ovtlier as a hardcore nu-metal pick this month. The track is not only powerful and personal — written by Joey Arena after losing his grandmother to cancer, but taps the talent of Danny Leal Jr. of Upon A Burning Body.

From a broader perspective, it hits on an all too common theme that we're always at risk of being disillusioned by the actions of those we once believed in. The single is so good it will leave you wanting more from the band, especially with Leal on board. LHRS: 6.2

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'Forever' is a brand new single taken from Stereophonics' new album 'Oochya!' out March 4. It's their third installment from the upcoming album and easily one of our favorites with its kick-back, drive-with-the-top-down alternative rock vibe. 

If you feel a sense of nostalgia, it's probably because the band is feeling it too. They've already delivered a quarter-century of music as a cornerstone of modern British rock. And there is no doubt anymore that Kelly Jones has cemented his place amongst the great British songwriters of all time. LHRS: 6.1

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Those are the top track from January, but we'd also to give a nod to 19-year-old artist from Rockport, Mass. Sofia Mills for Wish I Would (Apple | Amazon). The track pulls off the impossible task of sounding strong and vulnerable at the same time and remind su exactly why her debut album Baby Magic will be memorable. Oh, that and it's coproduced by John Mark Nelson.