Wednesday, November 13, 2013

House Of Holland Goes Rave Nana Bold

Rave Nana orange cardigan
While many designers have been moving toward muted, understated and sometimes masculine designs, Henry Holland has become firmly entrenched in his own irreverent vision. Everything in his newest assortment is big, bold and brash in a playful, sometimes subversive sort of way.

What is especially unique about his newest designs is that some of the wool material feels like a fall excursion. The colors not so much, which is widely spry and international. Almost everything he has released in the past few months was made to draw summertime attention to the person wearing it — like a beacon amidst a wave of gray.

The Rave Nana orange cardigan is one of a dozen different looks that prove the point. The orange and plum colors are bold, the buttons are prominent, and the fit is comfortable.

The only thing about it that might disappoint some buyers is the sizing. This design is only made for size 6 and 8 (which is U.S. sizes 2 and 4). And if you can pull it off, it might be best paired with something else other than Holland's cigarette pattern, which deserves a graph or two of its own.

House Of Holland lights up Rave Nana pop icons. 

Rave Nana embellished cigarette dressWhile some of the world has shunned smoking and drinking, House Of Holland has fun with it in ways that few people have ever thought up. Two of the designs, in particular, undermine anyone thinking nanny-ness.

One is the Rave Nana embellished cigarette dress that turns a fitted pencil dress with round neckline into something of a startling pattern with gemstones and sparkles serving up smoking cigarettes. With swanlike clouds, the butts smoke on a field of blue. The design is brilliant, an embellishment of a another pattern that Holland has immortalized as a shirt and tee dress.

Rave Nada cocktail jacketThe second design is equally dauntless, featuring rows of cocktail glasses. The tailored cocktail print is fully lined, accented with shoulder pads and accompanied by a single vent.

And then there is the more frantic and fanciful design, a brooch top that fits in a dramatically different way than the cocktail coat. With a high neck, long sleeves and cropped finish, it's fun even if it needs a fall coat. Conversely, the brooch silk shirt has a long, curved hemline.
Rave Nada brooch jacket

Both designs represent some of the louder looks that make up the Rave Nana collection. There are several more designs that are understated by comparison and retro in their allure.

Some of the standouts include dark green sweatshirts, rave wave jumpers, and stunning leather collar wool shirts with gemstones framing the neck. Along with these modernized flashbacks,  Holland also put out an entire series of wave and cocktail glass tights that push the free-spirited sixties forward.

A couple graphs about Henry Holland and his House Of Holland.

Henry Holland
Born in Ramsbottom (Greater Manchester, England), Henry Holland went on to study in London College of Printing. As a stylist who grew tried of seeing fashion move in the same direction, he started to make a label that was bold, colorful and irreverent. It first appeared en force in 2008.

His designs all consider a London girl aesthetic, which is largely different than anything seen in the States or anywhere else in the world. Part of that difference is understanding that women in their teens and twenties have places to go, which defines almost all of his Rave Nana looks. These are the kind of clothes you wear out — to a club, concert or someplace fun.

Rave Nana By House Of Holland Screams Up 7.1 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale. 

While some of it might be too bold for anything women are wearing in the States, the secret to making the look work might hinge on matching them up with something slightly understated. They are fun and carefree, creating an informed sixties or seventies look for modern times.

You can take a deeper look at the Rave Nana collection and some other new arrivals direct from House Of Holland. Do be mindful that House Of Holland is based in the United Kingdom (adjust for price and sizing). Most orders will be processed by the Royal Mail or DHL shipping, which may include additional duty charges payable by the receiver.
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