Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Deep.Sea.Creatures Surfacing Soon

On the anniversary of their first self-released single last week, some fans had to wonder. When will Los Angeles-based electronica pop duo Deep.Sea.Creatures release its first full-length album?

It's a fair question, but one neither Adam Peri nor Eyal Glass can answer. The duo is continuing to be patient. It's something they've grown accustomed to since their chance meeting years ago, when Glass joined in on a post-military band rehearsal jam session with Peri.

They met again a few days later, wrote some songs, and then developed a friendship while finishing their service with the Israel Defense Forces. After, they performed together for a about year before Glass decided to pursue his music career in Los Angeles and Peri accepted an invitation to play keys for Hayehudim, an Israesli hard rock band started by Tom Petrover and Orit Shachaf.

Glass and Peri wouldn't work together again until 2006. But then, the brief collaboration wasn't for them. It was on Israeli singer Shiri Maimon's album Rega Lifney... (Just Before...).

Sister Mountain is a dark and penetrating intro to Deep.Sea.Creatures. 

It would take another three years before these two songwriters and composers would find a way to fuse their very different and sometimes conflicting musical backgrounds. But when they did, Glass says, it was as though these differences produced work that sounded more inspired.

Like the band's name, which alludes to the dark, mysterious nature of unlikely behemoths gliding effortlessly under the water, Sister Mountain is a song that expresses a shared appreciation for animals and nature.

"The song itself was written while I was riding a bicycle in Tel Aviv in the evening, and then I recorded the melody and words into a phone before reproducing it late that night," says Glass. "The song talks about the need to experience nature, far away from the city's concrete and pollution. It's there we can find deeper connection."

Like Sister Mountain, much of the band's work relies on anthem-sized electronica pop compositions, which leaves Glass' silky smooth vocals to lift another melody into the foreground. Peri often takes the arrangements further, almost answering Glass, creating the illusion of an unspoken duet.

You Should Remember is an elegantly progressive pop ballad. 

But anthem-sized electronica pop doesn't convey the real depth of Deep.Sea.Creatures. They effortlessly weave in elements of IDM and indie rock into some songs. It shouldn't work, but it does.

A lot of it has to do with the way they produce music. While most of their songs carry an over-arching similarity, every story has a different vibe. According to Glass, different stories need to be told and produced differently.

"We both are individual songwriters. So we each take different parts — production, lyrics, melody, harmony — to best serve the songs we have," says Glass. "Human Being was actually a Hebrew track that Adam composed and it grabbed my attention. So I wrote a new melody and lyrics to his verses and we reproduced it."

Their newest single provides a deeper, more meaningful look into Deep.Sea.Creatures too. Shortly after Peri and Glass self-released the mixed track of You Should Remember, they also released a live acoustic session that showcased their raw talent in one take.

"As an artist, the live shows play a major part in my life so I'm fortunate to love and enjoy it," says Peri  "We love how people here [in the United States] make music a more cultural, daily expression. People still go to live shows to discover something new just for the love of music."

Glass agrees, noting how while they created their earliest tracks together in Israel, they never had an opportunity to perform live and feel the reaction from the crowd. It has had an impact. And next year, their music will have an impact too.

Two Tracks By Deep.Sea.Creatures Glide To 6.1 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale. 

Although produced a year apart, Sister Mountain and Your Should Remember express why Peri and Glass are an emerging artist pick. Between Peri's multi-instrumental talents and Glass' deeply penetrating emotive vocals, any full-length album will likely have considerable lift sometime next year.

You can find Sister Mountain on iTunes. The single is also available on Amazon. The new single (mixed), You Should Remember, was released on Bandcamp via the Deep.Sea.Creatures Facebook page. The acoustic version is on YouTube.

While the review considers two songs, I listened to unreleased tracks that may be included on a future album. Rich Becker also contributed to this review.
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