Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sum 41 Takes To Screaming Bloody Murder

Sum 41After a three-year absence from releasing new music and 15 years after being branded as a Canadian pop punk band, Sum 41 is embarking on a greater evolution as much more mature, darker, and heavier indie rock band. Their new title track, Screaming Bloody Murder, travels a much greater distance from their lighter work and is much heavier than some songs on Chuck.

The departure is being driven in part by frontman Deryck Whibley, who says the new sound better represents where he is in life. The statement matches his songwriting style, sometimes stopping conversations just to take a note or record an idea. Later, he might pick it up as part of a song.

Screaming Bloody Murder sets the tone for Sum 41's fifth album.

According to Whibley, the new album, due out on March 29, was produced the same way. The band — made up of Whibley, Steve Jocz (drummer), Cone McCaslin (bass), and Tom Thacker (guitar) — walked into the studio and recorded. That's not to say the album was produced in a single session. Even after they told the label the album was done, they went back to improve some songs and add others.

The first glimpse of the new single from the upcoming album premiered on a Detroit radio station. But it was in la Maroquinerie in Paris a few days ago that any fans have had the opportunity to hear the song live. Here is a fan-shot video of Screaming Bloody Murder at one of the best venues in Europe.

While the production quality drops as the song progresses (and because of the shooter's proximity to the drums), it's obvious the audience already knew the opening lines before the band could break into the driving rocker. That must have made Whibley feel great. He listens to fans more any other measure.

"I never cared what radio or press or anybody thinks," Whibley told Artist Direct. "We're doing our thing."

Who can blame him? Every interview is marred with questions about his divorce and what other people think. And in every interview he tosses down the gauntlet, explaining that he wrote this album with nobody in mind except the band and the fans. Specifically, he has said, it's a straight up 'fuck you' rock record with complete freedom and without any overproduction.

The constant reiteration is good for the band. While frequently saddled with the pop punk label, anyone who has listened before knows they've delivered diversity since the beginning. This time around, however, it seems certain the darker sound (which Whibley attributes in part to a mood he was in) was better suited to the more aggressive but equally passionate rock.

Screaming Bloody Murder By Sum 41 Breaks 9.6 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

If Screaming Bloody Murder is any indication of what to expect from its fifth album, Sum 41 will prove its best days are ahead and not behind them. Then again, I was introduced to Sum 41 off a pre-album import showcasing The Hell Song and Still Waiting (both later appeared on Does This Feel Infected). They've come a long way since then and the direction gives the band more room to showcase their skills as musicians.

Screaming Bloody Murder is available on iTunes. The album will be released on March 29. On Amazon, Screaming Bloody Murder can be downloaded as an MP3. The band is currently touring Europe before heading to Australia and then Japan.
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