Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make Your Next Leather Jacket An Affliction

Affliction Mad Max jacketLocated in Seal Beach, Calif., Affliction has always been known to set a higher bar for indulgence fashion. While Affliction is already sharing a sneak peek of its upcoming spring line, its jackets are worth a look for later winter and early spring.

For men, the Spinal Tap lambskin jacket with studs down the spine and on the shoulders makes a statement. For women, the Sinner textured leather jacket with two-way front zippers sets a tougher style.

What sets these jackets apart is that they capture what owner Tom Afencio and team have always done best. They masterfully blend element of tattoos, rock, and fight cultures to create a brand with more attitude. Afencio takes his work seriously.

Heavy pleats bring in the back on the men's Spinal Tap jacket.

Spinal Tap jacketWhat is striking about the men's Spinal Tap jacket is the stylized, form-fitted detail look, giving it a lighter look and feel than most biker ensembles. The name, Spinal Tap, comes from the design. In addition to studs down the spine of the jacket, Affliction has added more depth with heavy pleats to frame them.

Along with pleats down the back, the jacket has topstitched patches on the elbows and lower back. It's not just about the look. It beings in the fit instead of allowing the jacket to flare out as they do with so many other designs. None of it is overdone, making it right for anyone who wants something lighter on their bike as the weather warms up. ($598 from small to 2XL).

A fitted design adds shape to the women's Sinner jacket.

Sinner jacketSince studs can sometimes be too much for a woman's leather jacket, Affliction hits the the mark by adding two-way front zippers for a better fit while adding more form with adjustable panels. The smartly considered welt pockets help minimize puckers.

Another design detail that makes sense is the addition of roll-up sleeves with zipper plackets. The leather is synthetic, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. The low-sheen look and texturing removes all concern for the look while making the jacket obtainable for a more attractive price. The material also adds more elasticity. ($168, ranging from x-small to medium.) Affliction also does carry a leather lambskin jacket for women with a foiled front.

Affliction continues its expansion with a new store in Seal Beach.

Affliction has been thriving with the addition of new designs and expanded lines. By the end of the month, Afencio expects to open a new 2,500-square-foot flagship store near its corporate home in the Seal Beach area. The Seal Beach store is only the beginning.

There are plans to open more stores worldwide in the next few years in places like New York, Chicago, and Hong Kong. There are only a handful of standalone stores right now. Its first was opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles in 2008, a few years after the company opened.

What I like best about Affliction is that it still sets a high water mark, giving people like me a chance to buy more spirited clothes without sacrificing quality. The expansion of the line to include jackets, denim, and woven shirts make for more to look for in the months ahead.

Affliction Jackets Hit The High Water Mark Of 8.4 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

AtencioEarlier this month, former UFC light heavyweight champion Randy Couture made an appearance at the Affliction store located inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Afencio has been a longtime supporter of the UFC and mixed martial arts. Affliction opened in 2005.

You can find the men's Spinal Tap jacket (under $600) and the women's Sinner jacket direct from their store at Guys might want to consider the lighter Turbulence jacket for savings ($205).

Sometimes you can find Affliction clothing on Amazon after their seasonal debut. Guys might want to keep an eye out on the new Mad Max jacket (above) out this Spring.
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