Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Skeletal Metal Makes A Statement

It's not always easy to spot Skeletal Metal. Sometimes you will catch a glimmer of it being worn by tough customers like TJ Lavin (BMX jumper), Frank Mir (UFC fighter) and even Shaquille O'Neil (NBA star). What makes it cool is that a few people wear it inside and out.

The jewelry line is made with the same surgical steel reconstruction plate used to mend broken bones. The look is largely industrial, with black and polished silver being the dominant themes. As the manufacturer gained more attention last year, they've added a few other colors, accents, and leather bands.

The original idea of Skeletal Metal came from orthopedic surgeon Mike Crovetti, who originally bent reconstruction plate into the shape of a ring. As his patients, mostly athletes with fractures and breaks, noticed the ring, they often asked if Crovetti would make something for them. He obliged, sometimes using leftover material from their surgeries.

Usually, metal alloys used in orthopedic surgery are composite metals, consisting primarily of titanium or stainless steel because they're very strong, not too stiff, and biocompatible. Even body piercers prefer titanium or stainless steel. Crovetti seems to prefer the later for his line, with most colors created by an ion plating.

If you've never heard of Skeletal Metal, it's because the company is still in its infancy. You don't hear too much about the company. It did have a leg up last year when it was adopted by the UFC in 2009. That jewelry line, emblazoned with the UFC logo, caught the attention of many fans.

Based on consumer reviews, it can't really be seen as logo wear as the UFC impressions are small. A logo is not why I like it, anyway. I just like the look much like UFC President Dana White said.

“UFC is always pushing the edge when it comes to innovation in our brand,” explains White. “When we wanted to create a line of UFC jewelry, we immediately turned to Skeletal Metal here in Las Vegas to design pieces that fit the UFC lifestyle and convey the excitement and energy of our sport."

PreconRingI don't know about excitement. I do know that I don't wear jewelry often because most seems overstated. When I do wear it, Skeletal Metal fits. It's cool and understated. It's tough. It has a story.

There a few downsides. Most people really seem put off by the price, which is why the UFC discounted its line. That makes sense. Times are still hard. Another downside is finding it. If you want to see it first, there are only a few stores in California, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, Minnesota, and Ontario that carry it.

Skeletal Metal Is Cool Enough To Earn A 4.9 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

It's great for everyday wear and concerts. My personal favorite is the new Fracture line of rings (above), which includes colored screws. (I don't own one of those, yet).

You can also find some of the earlier pieces now and again on Amazon, but I only found some from the UFC women's line today. Here is the women's octagon ring, black and women's octagon ring, silver. You can also shop at the UFC Store.

Skeletal Metal on Facebook has gained a small following of fans. The page shares product updates and occasionally BMX rider updates. It also has a T-shirt line, which bassist Corey McCormick once sported while playing for Chris Cornell.
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