Friday, August 6, 2010

Lovedrug Gets Grounded With EP - Part I & II

Indie rock band Lovedrug has had its share of sounds since first emerging from Canton, Ohio, in 2001 (and band change-ups too). And I never really thought much of the band until now. EP -Part I and EP - Part II is a shift for Lovedrug and they're asking fans to help them perfect it.

"As always, we appreciate your support both in purchasing the EPs, enabling us to write and ultimately make the new record, and your feedback on tour, helping us craft and finalize the album itself." — Michael, James, Jeremy, and Thomas

As an experiment, both EPs work and they work better than The Sucker Punch Show (2008) that had some fans looking for the more intriguing alternative cuts. What immediately stands out this time is the cleaner sound and straightforward delivery from Michael Shepard (vocals, guitar). Jeremy Michael Gifford (guitar, piano), Thomas Brag (bass), and James Childress (drums).

They also finally seem free of whatever disaster that had Sony BMG drop them before they could ever cut a single back when. You've got to respect them for standing up for themselves, but it's been all drift since. This time they feel grounded as an indie. I'm sure not every fan will like it, but more new fans will. People like me.

If I had to choose between the two, EP - Part I, is the stronger of the pair. Both EPs have high points. On EP - Part II, look for Elastic. It starts with synth but frees up for guitar to drive the rest of the song in the first fifty second. On EP - Part I, all six tracks are solid. I especially like the driving Head Down and brooding She's Disaster.

We also found a fan cut of Pink Champagne. The quality is rough, but you'll get a taste. They are better than they think.

Lovedrug EP - Part I and EP - Part 2 Strike A 6.2 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

You can connect with them on Facebook at lovedrug, but just stick to the thread. The info page says stuff like "the band has never been, and possibly will never be, a smashing success." I can't get behind an aimless artist thang. They've drifted, sure, but if they can keep this groove grounded then they'll succeed.

After listening to EP -Part I and EP - Part II from iTunes, I'm looking forward to hearing the album that comes out of it all. You can also find them on Amazon. And don't forget Facebook. Several new tracks mentioned are up. It doesn't sound as good as a download, but it's a step up from the vid.
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