Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jaill Breaks Out With That's How They Burn

JaillThere are countless faceless and nameless bands playing away, most of which will never get a break, never mind a record deal. Jaill, replete with extraneous L, was one of those bands up until July 27 with the release of That's How We Burn.

The Wisconsin-based self-described psych-pop combo’s second full-length CD was just released thanks to the Sub Pop! label, giving the band just enough juice to make a go of it. The cover says it all: it features a woman wearing a silly dolphin hat, standing by the water's edge.

I’m guessing the water in question is Lake Michigan since the boys are a tad far from the coast. It's out there. So is the video (below) with their leading single The Stroller. That campy craziness would please the B-52’s, but maybe even Dick Dale and Captain Picard too. The "water" in the video is not Lake Michigan, of course.

That’s How We Burn features the band’s guitar-driven, surfy sound, amped up, and jangly.

The garagey feel is the band’s biggest strength. That and the straightforward delivery and clever lyrics of Vincent Kircher (who also plays guitar).

Along with bandmates Austin Dutmer (drums), Andrew Harris (bass) and Ryan Adams (guitar), Jaill is just a bunch of average guys from the Midwest who probably played in someone’s mom’s garage or basement. Their demo CD was recorded in an attic.

The reverb heavy album gets off on the right foot with the anthemic The Stroller. It's followed up by Everyone's Hip. The relentless Snake Shakes and hooks mixed with ampy guitar of Demon work too. It feels fun and effortless, the way rock and roll is supposed to be.

How effortless? Close your eyes if you prefer no distractions. Open them for the full psych-pop experience.

Jaill is touring to support That’s How We Burn. They will be working their way through the Pacific Northwest after a record release show in Milwaukee. They will also pick up California cities like Chico, Costa Mesa, Santa Barbara, and Pomona before heading back to the Midwest in September.

Jaill Breaks Out With A 6.5 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

You can find That's How We Burn by Jaill on iTunes. On Amazon, you'll find That's How We Burn and There's No Sky (Oh My My), which was released before Sub Pop! picked them up.

The band also has fun on Facebook, bantering back and forth with fans. They do the same on Twitter and their site as well, ending with ... "WHATEVER! remember: We can only ignore you for so long. Love to hear from you! LATERS!!"
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