Monday, March 3, 2014

IN1 iPhone Case Comes With Hardware

iPhone Case
For anyone who appreciates the usefulness of Swiss Army knives, the IN1 multi-tool case for the iPhone 5/5s aims to be the first phone case that does much of the same. The case, which is made with a soft touch polycarbonate, contains eight real world tools that can be used at a moment's notice.

Another notable feature is that it slides on the phone before it is secured in place with a small snap-on cap. Like many cases, the top, bottom, and sides are left mostly exposed. But then again, Taktik is still the answer for anyone looking for the most in durability. IN1 has other uses too.

The tools tucked inside the IN1 iPhone case.

There are eight tools tucked inside this beautifully designed case. And, according to the manufacturer, all the tools were selected to help people perform everyday tasks while remaining TSA compliant.

There are two precision screwdrivers, flat and Phillips, for tightening the smallest loose screws. The sizes were obviously included to work on eyeglasses, but there may be other tiny uses for them too.

There are two ball points, one red and one blue, which gives you the ability to quickly write down a note when there isn't anything else available. While the downside is a lack of black ink and no clear outlet for replacing them when they run dry, it's unlikely anyone will pen a novel with them.

The nail file is one of the most useful additions, especially because nail files are one of those things that you never need unless it's inconvenient to find one. It's one of the most useful inclusions all around.

The pair of scissors and tweezers are reminiscent of the smallest army knife accompaniments. For anyone who has ever owned the keychain version (before the TSA began to confiscate them), they seem more handy than they really are. Sure, they can sometimes get the job done, but use tends to make the tweezers too springy and the scissors slightly off center.

Sometimes the case feels more stylish than functional.

IN1 Case
The case also includes a plastic toothpick that accompanies some small knives. It's one of those items nobody is really keen on until they really need it. Like many of the tools included, it makes for more of a stash as opposed to a functional everyday tool kit.

It also includes a kickstand, giving everyone a convenient way to stand their phone up to view a video or catch small screen updates while typing away at a desktop. It's one of the better additions. It feels like one of the most useful items because it was built specifically for the phone.

In fact, as much as I like the IN1, I wish more additions were built in. A stylus sure would have been welcome as would any other phone-useful device. Maybe some future designers will cook up an antenna booster, solar cell, or emergency battery fuel instead.

The base comes in white, black, and clear. The tool caps come in white, black, yellow, orange, green, blue, and violet. Another positive in its favor is that the entire case adds less than two ounces to the total carry weight. The designer is currently working on a model for Galaxy phones.

IN1 iPhone Case Takes A Positive Turn At 3.8 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale. 

This is one of those gadgets that makes you wonder why no one thought of it earlier, But then again, the IN1 could use a little more thought in offering a better mix of multitools and the ability to easily order replacement parts. While it's on the right track, there is still some room for improvement.

Overall, the IN1 feels a little too much like a novelty even if it is a step up from the generic carry case. You can order the case direct from IN1. We'll add more outlets when the case becomes more widely available.
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