Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Is In The Air Aussie Style

With snow still on the ground in some parts of the States, some people might think it is too soon to get on about spring. It really isn't. Spring is only a few weeks away and some parts of the country have already warmed up.

In fact, one collection from the design-savvy label Shabby Apple makes everything feel even warmer. With Australia serving as its inspiration, Shabby Apple created what it calls an Aussie Afternoon Collection, which is a little bit vintage, a little bit rustic, and always open for layers.

The Aussie Collection is all about blending rugged with sophistication.

Most of the collection accentuates the simple, with four strikingly simple one-piece dresses that capture a range of regions. The Morning Dew Dress to the right makes for a good example. It's a radiant eyelet lace dress that gives off a touch of playfulness without ever looking fragile.

Made of high quality cotton and fully lined, it is inspired by a retro style that once graced the Australian outback. The best aspect of the design is that it lands somewhere between casual and dressed, making it easy to wear in the afternoon and into the early evening with the right top.

For something more pragmatic and a little less elegant, the Russel Wrap Dress retains the charm of the outback but with a cut that gives it a casual, classic look. The eyelets along with the bow in the back are important to keep the entire look from becoming too schoolmarmish.

Too add more snap for urban outings, Shabby Apple selected a comfortable stretch taffeta blend and pulled together a graphically bold ensemble with hints of the sixties. The same holds true for the Sydney or Bust Dress, a refreshingly vintage dress that will take someone from spring into summer. The flared trumpet skirt is especially striking for the times.

Along with these dresses that are Southern California sharp as much as they are Aussie inspired, Shabby Apple also added a few tops that can easily be worn with a skirt or as something to dress down the entire look with something rugged.

The denim shirt is meant to lend even more casual charm with sleeves that roll up effortlessly to the elbow. There is also room to leave a couple of front buttons unsnapped, allowing the shirt to to be tied up in the front.

Aside from the denim, Shabby Apple suggests a henley-style shirt with scoop neck. It also features darling buttons down three-quarters of the front and camp-style pockets. It can be worn tucked like a shirt or out and cinched at the waist like a tunic.

A couple more graphs about Shabby Apple.

The Shabby Apple story has been told here a few times before. But what I haven't mentioned is its three pillars of design — that everything is vintage inspired, workplace empowered, and socially conscious. And that's pretty cool.

Shabby Apple picked these three pillars because its founder believed that the fashion industry seems to have forgotten that fashion can make women look both beautiful and powerful. They ought to know. The company is more than 90 percent woman owned and only partners with organizations that are willing to give women micro loans around the world and safe working environments.

 The Aussie Afternoon Collection Runs 7.2 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

This classic collection came together while adhering to the belief that dresses need to stand on their own without any assistance from cardigans or slips. There is some truth to that if you want to keep the look simple, straightforward and powerful. Less is often more in warmer climates.

You can find the complete Aussie Afternoon Outback at Shabby Apple direct. Materials and prices vary, with this collection being among the most modestly priced. The collection ranges from $48 tops to $82 dresses.
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