Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grey Gordon Is An Emerging Artist Pick

Grey Gordon
Fort Wayne native singer-songwriter Grey Gordon might not have a full-length debut out today, but he will. No Sleep Records asked him to step inside the studio after his most recent EP, Still At Home Here.

The five-track Still At Home Here was released last May by the same label. It was one of several singles, demos, and EPs Gordon had put out since 2011, but the first with No Sleep. The debut album will have a host of firsts too. It will be the first time Gordon will have the support of a full band.

But aside from the excitement of finally achieving his dream to make music for a living, Gordon says the only real difference between having a label and not having one is the support and exposure. They are helping him reach an audience in Europe, one he never thought he would find.

Still At Home Here was a solid singer-songwriter EP.

Still At Home Here isn't necessarily the hardcore 5-track someone like Gordon would be expected to make with its razor sharp songwriting and lonely acoustic bent, but it does capture some of his Straight Edge spirit and early influences. The sound is similar but somewhat stripped back from his Sleepless EP, which first caught the attention of Chris Hansen.

“Truthfully, I couldn't be more shocked when Chris approached me about signing to No Sleep, but I'm obviously beyond ecstatic to be putting out this upcoming EP with them,” says Gordon. “It's an incredible honor to get to be involved in something I've appreciated as an onlooker for the last few years."

The material crafted by the well-spoken, straight-talking songwriter hasn't changed. He writes about regret, depression, and the occasional political riff. The first track breaks from those themes with a tender testament of loyalty and the familiar. It's a long haul coming song, possibly inspired after some long touring treks.

"I'm really happy with how this came together,” said Gordon. “The whole idea was hatched and executed within the span of a week. We wanted to do something simple as opposed to overly conceptual."

Marrying the lyrics with shots of his daily life in Indiana, 500 Miles makes for a tempered introduction. There are more stirring tracks on the album, but it seems clear everyone wanted to present the person behind the music. With the exception of needing some more bass and volume, mission accomplished.

Even so, the better track to give a first listen to is the title track. The track, Still At Home Here, gives up a glimpse of the artist's timeless alternative and emo leanings, sharing a story of maturity despite some dullness.

Broken Vows is another great track, opening on a low note as he tells an ex-friend all the reasons their relationship was over. Lifestyle choices will do that, especially when the convictions are as tightly wound as Gordon's. While some listeners might be turned off by the judgmental nature of the track, Gordon saves the song by making it more accessible for anyone who had to tell a friend to kiss off.

Old Houses brings in some folk influences to tell of another disappointment in love. Recovery wraps up the EP with a rare moment of clarity about life. It isn't a downer like many of his tunes, mostly because there are some surprisingly hopeful chords to accompanying the acoustic strum of his guitar.

Still At Home Here By Grey Gordon Sets Up 5.8 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

Though it all, Gordon has a voice and temperament that can easily benefit from the support of a full band and amped up volume. While it might be anyone's guess what a full-length album will bring in the months ahead, it's a pretty safe bet it won't be as relaxed as one of his most enduring EPs.

You can find Still At Home Here by Grey Gordon on Amazon. The EP is also on iTunes. After his next recording session, Gordon is expected to slate dates for an upcoming tour. Stay up with him on Facebook.
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