Monday, August 19, 2013

Airocide Makes Nano Technology Real

The first time you hear the story, it carries a sense of urgency. The International Space Station wanted to eliminate ethylene gas being produced by the plants on the space station. The gas, which is a plant by-product, accelerates ripening. By eliminating it, astronauts could keep real produce around longer. 

In one of those cases that proves the value of NASA right here on earth, the invented technology has since been applied by food packers, florists and grocery chains. By eliminating the ethylene gas trapped in storage facilities and refrigerators, food stays fresher longer. 

As it turns out, food preservation wasn't the only place this technology was effective. It can also eliminate bad stuff emitted from things around the house, like aerosol sprays, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothing, and other volatile organic compounds. 

Airocide removes everything from the air that purifiers can't. 

The technological advantages didn't stop there. Airocide was also found to eliminate pollen, dust mites, viruses, bacteria and other biological pollutants. It iss so effective that hospitals and clinics now use them to help stop the spread of everything from bacteria to infectious disease. 

While what it does is pretty cool, how it does it is even cooler because this solution is not an air filter. It works more like science fiction. The Airocide draws in almost everything that is harmful in the air and forces it into a densely packed matrix where it is zapped by a 254-nanometer light.

Airocide Wall MountIn other words, it destroys the bad stuff at the molecular level. That's significantly different from air purifiers that attempt to trap harmful compounds in a filter. Airocide technology removes it completely. There is nothing left except clear air with zero ozone emissions.

The design resembles wall art at a glance. 

The space you see between the two sides isn't where anything happens. The chambers are on either side of the purifier, which gives it a high-tech modern art look. The company recently began offering dark wood sleeves to house the unit too. It's likely more colors will be added in the future.

Three additional features are being added too. The company that makes Airocide is adding wall mounts, floor stands, and reaction chamber replacements (you do have to change the reaction chamber about once a year). Currently, most people find a place for it on a dresser, shelf or end table.

The unit does emit a noise, but it's not any louder than the nicest air purifiers on the marker. My friend did say there is a slight chemical odor the first it's turned on. This smell dissipates after a few days. It's no big deal. As an air purifier, it works. In some ways it works too well.

The last remaining challenges for this product will disappear over time.

The first challenge is simple enough to figure out. The price point is on the high side. The unit itself is about $800, with a commitment to replace the chambers about once a year (another $100).

Airocide Details
There are two ways to look at the price point. The first is how much you value clean air. My friend bought it because he has two children and is willing to try almost anything to improve their quality of life. It makes sense. And that brings me to the second challenge.

Many testimonials credit the gadget with reducing everything from allergies to odors. My friend has left a review or two, raving about the product as well. But as human beings, we're all pretty stubborn when it comes to what we see. And because this doesn't produce a filter with gunk on it, many people wonder if it does anything at all. No amount of science will change the common brain.

The Airocide Air Purifier Cleans Up 6.1 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale. 

Both challenges mentioned will likely be overcome as more people buy them. You know how this works. Technology gets cheaper and cheaper with bigger production runs. And people adopt belief in unseen sciences as more people adopt something. Remember when critics said that smart phones needed buttons or when people didn't see any real benefit in flat screen televisions? Yeah, like that.

You can purchase the Airocide Air Purifier direct from the company. Recently, it has also added the Airocide Air Purifier to Amazon. You can read some of the reviews there. The company also has a money back guarantee, asking people to try the purifier for 60 days. You'll feel different, they say.

Incidentally, when I asked our editor why he thought the Airocide Air Purifier didn't do better despite decent media coverage, he said the company needed to make itself more human. Trust and assurance come from the people with stories who stand behind a product. Stories like this, he said.
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