Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Walker And Whyte Add Summer Suede

Walker And Whyte
Ever since Miz Mooz added its own line of fashionable footwear in 2000, some people have speculated what might happen if they made men's shoes too. Some of those people will be surprised that they do.

While the line appears to be low key in comparison to the label that was immediately picked up by specialty shops across the United States and Canada, Walker & Whyte consistently put a fresh spin on  suede classics (along with several other cuts). The result is classic shoe with a custom look about it.

Three suede styles from Walker & Whyte. 

The first style, which attracted my attention, turns the classic oxford into a premium modern suede shoe with contrast detailing. The color combinations come in gray and blue, brown and forest or tan and neon yellow, with detailing that includes the laces, piping and sole.

All the functionality of the oxford remains intact with the Drake. The shoe is simple with only two plain-cut eyelets, leather and textile lining, and a cushioned midsole. It wears well, even if it could never be considered rugged. It's ideal as an urban shoe.

suede shoes
The second style, called the Poente, also dresses up the oxford with a soft leather and suede look, adding more depth overall. Like the Drake, it has contrast in the detail work but is much more understated. The sole is neutral and the piping remains untouched.

Instead, the contrasting colors — gray and blue or tan and red — are confined to the laces and the rubber deck that connects the shoe to the sole. One startling difference between the colors is that the tan and red combination includes red leather for the eyelets, which makes the shoe pop (maybe too much).

suede shoes
Whereas the Poente has more formal work (except in red), the Degrau is easily the most casual. Despite adding wingtip details all over, it still feels as casual as a tennis shoe or sneaker in every color.

The color combinations make this shoe something more interesting than the usual suspects too. It comes in gray and purple, tan and red or gray and blue. The gray and blue feels the most like a sports shoe. The tan and red present themselves more like loafers (and the red feels much more subdued).

Walker & Whyte started much like Miz Mooz, with a little more mystery. 

miz mooz founders
Much like Miz Mooz, Walker & Whyte is an exclusive brand for Infinity Shoes. It features its own line along with brands like Dr. Martens, TOMS, and Sebago. Most of the designs are inspired by the Manhattan street scene, which means they feel like they fit better on stage or urban settings.

The rest of the story is very similar. It was originally started Cheryl Matson, Jeffery Bart and Ron Kenigsberg, who wanted to build out their shoe store offerings with shoes nobody else was making until the Miz Mooz line came to life.

They've added some other designers to the mix since then, but the majority of the process has stayed the same. The shoes are designed in the States, sent overseas for some Italian input, and then they are manufactured in Mexico or Asia in order to keep prices within reach.

Suede Oxfords Give A 8.1 Lift To Summer Shoes On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

With so many of the Walker & Whyte lines on sale during the summer, this is a remarkable chance to save between one-third or half off. Of course, if suede is not your style, then there are other kinds of shoes available too. Aside from the suede, they make an all-leather high top sneaker that can easily be considered an urban classic.

Any of the shoes mentioned above can be found direct at Infinity Shoes. While Miz Mooz has always been one of my favorite shoe designers for women, it's great to see the same people stepping up for men too. Having a couple of pairs of handcrafted and uniquely suited shoes makes life a little more fun.
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