Monday, July 15, 2013

The Jones Rival Jumps A Frog Single

The Jones Rival by Mum
Some people around Sydney have taken to calling The Jones Rival a good times band and it seems like they took the long road to earn it. When they released the breakout single Mind Of A Dreamer last year, the most common question asked by everyone was "who are you guys?"

The most common answer was that The Jones Rival was loosely formed as a foursome in Mortdale, which is a suburb south of Sydney, sometime around 2010. Of course, they don't always mention Mortdale in interviews anymore because most people aren't so specific in music. Sydney will do.

Personally, I like the Mortdale detail because it conjures a different flavor for the experience that two members set out for prior to the first release last year. Evan (vocals, guitar) and Adam (guitar) went busking across Europe to hone their songwriting skills and perhaps earn degrees in life. A strip search in Munich will do that.

Jumpin' Frog is a solid wake-up call from Sydney.

As much as Mind Of A Dreamer was a trippy little find last year, it's the material the band has put out this year that deserves the attention. The Jones Rival seems to know it too. They pushed last year's single off their bandcamp offerings (although it still exists) and highlight two new ones instead.

The first is Jumpin' Frog, which showcases the band at its best. It's here that The Jones Rival does a near perfect job at resurrecting the psychedelic outdoor party rock from the seventies in a modern context. The track rollicks as a vintage rocker, with booms, buzz, and howls.

Beyond the sonic spaced-out vibe, Jumpin' Frog is a good times track. It better represents the band too. It's free-spritied as opposed to spooky, which is fine for a few tracks removed from an introduction. As the band likes to quip, Jumpin' Frog has nothing to do with frogs but it makes people like to jump.

The second track, Tell You Again, feels even brighter on the front end and works harder to capitalize on the band's natural crooner, which sets it well apart from other throwback bands. While the track hasn't gotten as much attention as the one they put up in commercial markets, it's just as strong as Jumpin' Frog.

Both tracks were recorded and produced by Shaun Gaida at REC Studios and mastered by Andrew Edgson at 301 Studios. Gaida is also the band's drummer and only band member listing his full name anywhere. The balance of the band includes Lanky (bass) and Battlecat (percussion).

Either track, Jumpin' Frog or Tell You Again, will make a great addition to their upcoming EP. The band is currently writing additional tracks. With a little luck, they expect to have it complete later this year.

Jumpin' Frog By The Jones Rival Hits 6.1 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale. 

While the band has yet to develop that almost innate sense that they might be around long enough to warrant real names, The Jones Rival is worth watching. Their progression with every release seems to indicate they are moving in the right direction — less concerned with modernizing the sound and more attuned to capitalizing on it.

You can find Jumpin' Frog on Amazon and the single was also put on iTunes. The defacto B-side Tell You Again can be picked up from their bandcamp page. They have it set to name your price. While it's easy to pick it up for free, please support the band.

You can also catch Mind Of A Dreamer at Triple J Unearthed. For upcoming shows, mostly in Australia, check out their Facebook page. They frequently post music updates and often share new music there before any other outlet.
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