Monday, July 11, 2011

Go Bold With 83 990 Or Stay Home

Everyone likes to talk about how things are changing fast. Yeah, they may be right. But some things that were true yesterday are still true today. Count some of the best beaches in the world among them. Even California can sometimes find it hard to beat the French Riviera.

As the proverbial playground for Europeans (and some Americans), Saint-Tropez remains a steadfast hot spot for summertime. It's the same locale where Brigitte Bardot was discovered in the 1960s. And even before her, painters like Henri Matisse, Pierre Bonnard, and Albert Marquet all helped set the foundation to create a timeless artist community as well.

It's also the home of a new brand of swimsuit that dares men to go bold or stay home. Although only two years old, 83 990 Tenue De Plage has already opened stores on the Puetro Banus Marina in Marbella, Spain, and another at Marina Bay Sand in Singapore. The numbers, by the way, are a nod to the infamous postal code.

83 990 Tenue De Plage delivers retro elegance for men.

Not everyone in the U.S. is taken by the styles created by a true Saint-Tropez native because many of the surf brands have calmed down in recent years. Still, the bold colors (even bolder in Europe) aren't the only consideration. The fit of this casual classic style is a hit.

83 990 Tenue De PlageThe designs capture the more playful and fun resort beaches up and down the Mediterranean and the growing number of Asian resort destinations. And, given the retro fascination stateside, I wouldn't be surprised to see more brightness along both North American coasts.

The shorts, which are part of the Jeff collection, are pretty straightforward. They are modeled after a classic mid-length design, made with a nylon fabric and cotton mesh. They have a vintage button fly with two side pockets and a back pocket.

In addition to the pink pattern, other designs include a washed out blue floral, teal floral, and retro newsprint emblazoned with the Saint-Tropez name. Technically, the newsprint pattern is part of the James collection, but it all works.

Another interesting aspect to the U.S. design is that they have a longer cut; no doubt inspired by the American preference for board shorts. The slightly longer leg only adds about an inch to the length while creating a stitch break where the European styles are normally cut.

Roda83 990 Tenue De Plage is not the only European designer adding brighter and bolder colors this summer. Roda has released a few new patterns too.

The multi-colored floral is certainly the loudest look. However, Roda will also be realizing something simpler soon, a white on blue and white on brown floral repeat. It also has a green pattern, but the added flare to the cut just doesn't work.

A couple minor but noted differences to the two brands. Roda caps off its drawstrings with metal fasteners. 83 990 Tenue De Plage ties them off with a tough orange thread. Both solutions are better than what I remember as a kid when classic drawstrings were usually knotted on the end and called good.

The other difference is the material. The Roda shorts are a polyamide material that leans almost more cotton in its feel. 83 990 Tenue De Plage is nylon (also a polyamide) but feel exactly how you expect nylon to feel. Aside from those minor differences, both designers are trying to provide a contemporary look with a nod to the early 1960s.

83 990 Tenue De Plage Swimsuits Tear A 7.8 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

Much like I thought the 1950s women's swimsuits from Cath Kidston put an interesting twist on the summer, guys can brighten up their beachwear too. Match this swimsuit with a solid colored shirt, even white with a simple design (if any), and it ought to pull together nicely.

A few 83 990 Tenue De Plage and Roda swimsuits can be found at Tessabit, which has a long history as a fashion boutique in Como, Italy. The savings offered by Tessabit will easily offset any shipping charges. The store delivers globally and has a built-in currency option for dollars, pounds, or Euros.

They carry several 83 990 Tenue De Plage swimsuit styles. Tessabit also carries several styles from Roda. Prices range from about $124 to $142 U.S., usually discounted around 30 percent (a savings better than U.S. stores).
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