Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everyone To The Anderson Breaks Out

Everyone To The AndersonIt seems like everyone who lives in Brighton, England, is in a band or knows someone who is in a band. It's no surprise. Music is an important part of the city’s culture and identity.

There are dozens of great bands there paying their dues, like British Sea Power and Blood Red Shoes. Add another one to the list. Its quirky name aside, Brighton’s Everyone To The Anderson is breaking out from the city's thriving musical scene.

The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse bangs around smartly.

As the first full-length CD released with Unlabel, The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse has its roots planted firmly within the seaside city of Brighton. It was recorded in an industrial area just outside the city limits, giving the music some riveting bleak industrial tones.

Overall, the CD can be best described as a rhythmic aural assault. But more than that, it is leaps and bounds better than the band's two EPs, Doodlebug and the self-titled Everyone To the Anderson. The EPs were solid, but there was something missing.

That's not true any longer. The band’s industrial, post-punk, and math rock works brilliantly on songs such as Let’s Take This To Smithereens, with big bass lines and understated drums that would even make Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth proud. Here's a track from the album.

Also from the album, you'll want to check out So You’re Saying There’s A Chance? It boasts a big bass, tasty distorted guitars, and super melodic vocals. It’s at once New Wave and old school. But what stand out is Face Like Centurian and Knuckle Supper for their strong guitar work. Wake When Some Vile Thing Is Near is more mellow and maybe even a bit dour.

The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse's tracks bleed out in around half an hour. The tight compositions are attributed to Benjamin Gregory (vocals, bass), Sven Wright (guitar), and Michael Miles (drums, vocals). They also deliver blistering live shows that have become an important element in breaking out of Brighton.

It also doesn't take much play time to hear that every track has a punch-punch that sounds best in front of a live audience. The trio also has a knack for blending soft and hard, whispered and screamed, and a very British yet oddly American rock sound.

The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse By Everyone To the Anderson Rocks At 8.0 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

This is a band with its feet planted in the past and in the present. It works to great effect and you might even be sorry if you miss it. Some people already have after a logistical problem delayed the physical release. But hey, there's no wait for digital.

The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse from Everyone To The Anderson is on iTunes. The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse is also up on Amazon. Here's hoping the band will release its tour dates on Facebook soon.
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