Monday, June 6, 2011

Indicator Dogs Refresh Disagreement

Indicator DogsAfter frontman/singer Tomas Henry rejoined Indicator Dogs after a 36-month absence, almost everything seems to be falling into place for the New Zealand-based punk-infused heavy rock band. No one really doubted it would. They need him.

Henry was tapped several years ago, and his vocals and lyrical contributions are a key component for this band's unique sound. He was, in my opinion, one of two missing links when Dan Young from London and Val Hunting from Melbourne originally teamed up for the debut album Anschluss in 2003.

The second missing link was Aaron Rossi, who is well known for his contributions to Ministry on their farewell C-U-LaTour and anyone who remembers the hardcore punk band Shelter. He is one of the best independent drummers to come out of Southern California in the last few decades.

Producer Malcom Welsford seems to think so too. It was his idea to snatch the drummer up for a second album. Tapping Rossi wasn't his only contribution either. Welsford has been supportive all along, and remains fiercely loyal even after Killing Joke cancelled a North American tour with Indicators Dogs.

In The Face Of Disagreement is a dizzying blend of punk vocals and progressive instrumentals.

One interesting fact about In The Face Of Disagreement is that the band turned to fans to help them kick start a U.S. tour. Called a kickstarter event, the band asked for $5,000 in seed money as a completely independent band. Donations quickly came in, ranging from $1 to $2,000.

Welsford was even a key contributor to the kickstart. He included mixing sessions and dinners as part of the incentive packages. More than 50 backers have since stepped up to help the band renew its reputation for blistering shows. The new material also has more energy than this video (the only video currently available from the band, produced last year).

The two sharpest songs off the nine-track album are Hell Money and Media Provider, which was originally released as a single in April. While we always advise purchasing singles to support bands (especially since this one was initially left in tour limbo), Media Provider is still available for free download at Bandcamp.

Hell Money is even smoother than the first single, with its dramatic but somehow seamless transitions that change up everything midstream. The transitions trademark most of the album. You can jump 30 seconds into a song and swear you're already on to the next. Play it back without interruption and it all bleeds beautifully together.

Definitely download the trip-tastic This Girl, title track In The Face Of Disagreement, and the pulsing Asleep In The World Of Men (along with Hell Money). The balance of the songs have their moments and are equally tight, especially Liquid In The Haze. However, sometimes the staccato vocals are too sharp for their own good, leaving the choruses more inspired than the rest.

In The Face of Disagreement By Indicator Dogs Barks 4.5 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

There is no doubt that Indicator Dogs has the right lineup and career-refreshing album. It's a shame that they aren't on a big tour to promote it right out of the gate. To borrow some words from Welsford, “there is nothing that sounds like the Indicator Dogs." And maybe that is the real appeal.

The good news is that the band has been booking shows when and where they can. Many of them have been free. And several have ben announced at the last possible minute.

You can download In The Face Of Disagreement from iTunes. You can also find In The Face of Disagreement on Amazon. Follow the band on Facebook for show updates.
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