Friday, May 27, 2011

Follow That Bird Teases An LP For Fall

Follow That BirdNot everyone caught The Ghosts That Wake You, the first track off a compilation album put out by Matador Records in 2010. And yet, it was this memorable pre-debut release by the Austin-based Follow That Bird that convinced us to add them to our follow list.

Fronted by the expansive vocals and guitar of Lauren Green, the three-piece band is set to release a full-length debut alternative rock album sometime in the fall. Several tracks from the album, not found on distribution sites until June, are the mark of some great things to come.

Several songs from Follow That Bird show promise for the fall album.

As referenced, the first track on the upcoming album will be a recut version of The Ghosts That Wake You. The new cut seems deeper, better fusing a punk vibe with its indie rock roots that thrown down the laid-back ferociousness only a handful of girl bands can muster (formally, in this case). Along with this gem, you can dial up their Wooden Bones and its B-side accompaniment on Bandcamp.

Wooden Bones is clearly the better of the two songs that will be released on June 21. But all of their Bandcamp distributed singles better illustrate their music over a few hard-to-find live cuts floating around YouTube.

While all the videos capture Green's garage sparked guitar work, Tiffanie Lanmon relentless bang on the drums, and Paul Brinkley's aggressively impressive bass line; Green's otherwise restrained moody vocals disappear.

Even if it isn't the best set caught on camera, it doesn't matter. It still captures the mood and underlying talent here.

It's this type of blended and balanced musicianship that finally landed Follow That Bird a home with Seattle-based indie label Mt. Fuji Records. It prompted the Austin Chronicle to speculate that the band will be headlining at SXSW next year. And, it secured them a West Coast stint opening for …And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead, which is making waves with is own ambitious LP released earlier this year.

Expect a bountiful but sometimes bumpy ride.

All in all, the only hurdle that Follow That Bird may have (beyond the strong tie to the big yellow one) is a handfull of critical reviewers who want to lump them in with acts like Riot Grrrls. Don't believe it. Follow That Bird breaks far, far away from what some comparison-happy critics say.

Although there are some similarities to the mid 1990s bands that broke out then (many of which we like), Follow That Bird has a freshness all their own. Besides, their studio work is significantly less fuzzy than any predecessor in the genre, enough so that it sometimes feels like you can pluck each instrument out of the compilation with will power alone. And that is more than cool.

The Ghosts That Wake You By Follow That Bird Flies At 7.2 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

The same rating can apply to the net sum of the two tracks coming out in June. They prove Mt. Fuji Records snapped up the right talent, bringing their roster up to a lucky thirteen. Michael Jaworski was smart to sign this band and even smarter to let them retain their darkly enchanting qualities.

Watch for the release of the single in June, visit them at Bandcamp, or bookmark this page when we update links. You can also find the first cut of the widely distributed The Ghosts That Wake You on the compilation via iTunes.

Or, pick up the Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010 on Amazon. There are plenty of other great tracks, just none of them earned as much respect from Gerard Cosloy, who called Follow That Bird one of the best new bands to come along in years.
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