Friday, April 29, 2011

Title Fight Shouts Out A New LP Shed

Title FightIn 2003, a new three-piece act started playing local shows in Kingston and Wilkes-Barre, Penn. The original members included vocalist Jamie Rhoden on guitar, Ned Russin on bass and Ben Russin on drums. Even before they added Shane Moran, a second guitar, Kingston locals noted there was something about the band.

Never mind they were barely out of the sixth grade and only played about ten shows. Once they had a demo as a four piece in 2005, people started to take them seriously.

Four years later, the hardcore band with punk stylings recorded a split album and Erection Kids before producing the Kingston 7" with FlightPlan Records. FlightPlan Records died a few years ago, but Title Fight went on to work with Run For Cover Records and Six Feet Under Records.

Title Fight pounds out Shed in two weeks.

In January, as they were wrapping up a two-week recording session with Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand), they made another move to OneSideDummy. The change has already led to greater exposure. Title Fight is on a headline tour for the first time. Their single, Shed, was released for free on iTunes. They have a documentary in the works. Almost everything else? It's the same. Insane.

The new album is packed with 13 tracks that shout down everything and everyone around them. Every track is tighter much like the band, a testament to how this once teen punk band has come into its own as a headliner. And even though Rhoden's voice is arguably rougher, they are as relentless as ever in the studio and on the stage.

Technically, Shed is the band's first full LP. The Last Thing You Forget, which some reviewers mistook as a debut, was a compilation of everything they had produced since 2005. While it was smart to rerelease the work, it was difficult to appreciate who they were and where they were going. There is no such issue with Shed or their exclusive VHS documentary.

Title Fight is mostly hardcore with short, loud, furious songs. The three exceptions are Safe In Your Skin and GMT, which are more brooding and methodic. Where Am I? also changes things up a bit with its alt rock leanings. Stab has some pop punk underpinnings.

The best of the hardcore includes the title track, Shed, Coxton Yard, You Can't Say Kingston Doesn't Love You, and the 72-second punch packed in Missed. These are solid enough to keep the hardcore community in check while helping the band win over a broader crowd.

Shed By Title Fight Knocks Down A 4.8 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

There is no doubt that Shed packs the right punch. What I expect is some people to be put off by the screamed vocals. But the odd thing about any song on Shed is that the more you listen it, the more you realize it has to be played that way.

Shed by Title Fight is on iTunes. You can also get the title track as a free download there. Shed is also on Amazon. The VHS video was exclusive for album preorders, but you never know when SideOneDummy will release it again.
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