Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Detail In Almost Famous Denim

DenimDenim has been around a long time, but it wasn't until the 1950s that what was once known as "working people" pants picked up momentum as an everyday casual. Looking back, it almost seems ridiculous that some people considered denim a fad. No one can make the case now, 60 years later.

That is not to say denim doesn't go through its phases. Almost everything is on the market today: skinny, tapered, straight, boot cut, distressed, destroyed, and flare. But the best of denim isn't about the cut as much as the detail work.

The denim to look for is in the detail work.

Almost Famous jeans has garnered some attention since it was founded in 2006 because the designs and styles are smart and surprisingly affordable. Some people have offered up cautions that not all styles are true sizes, which means you might want to consider one size up.

Almost Famous jeansHowever, the Rhinestone Destroyed Flare Jean does contain 24 percent polyester and 2 percent spandex in the material to add some stretch without making them overly constrictive. These jeans were picked to illustrate the detail work. They have heavier stitching, including the back pockets, and rhinestone buttons above the front pockets as well as the back.

These jeans do have a flare, but fit tighter around the thighs. Unlike other brands, the stitch on the back pockets doesn't brand the jeans. Almost Famous sets its stitch and detail to the style of the pants, which makes it less likely for everyone to look the same. (About $35.)

For a comparison, look at the Siwy Denim Harley bootcut jean. While the jean has the signature contoured back yoke, tulip-shaped pockets, and higher back rise (all good), the back detail doesn't seem as striking for women's jeans. (About $216.)

Although harder to find, there's detail in men's jeans too.

For guys, you have to look harder for jeans with the right detail work. And the one brand that measures up is Affliction, because the jeans fit better around the hips and waist but maintain enough looseness in the rest of the pants.

Affliction jeansThe detail work isn't as dramatic on the front (which you don't really want), but there is some attention to detail on the back with a heavily stressed seam. On the Cooper Raw Flap Denim, the pockets also button down, making it better for anyone who rides a bike.

Almost all Affliction jeans fit the same with a relaxed fit. The difference is usually found in the style and shade. And while every pocket does brand the jean, Affliction varies the presentation. (About $134).

For a comparison, look at Diesel Men's Bootcut Jean at Amazon. The jeans are nice, but the look just doesn't feel the same.

Almost Famous Jeans Get Noticed At 6.5 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

Almost Famous is the hero of this review, with its variable denim stylings that don't rely on a singular design. But Affliction also gets another nod for doing something for denim that other designers just haven't done. Both are great denim solutions, as are Siwy and Diesel. But the former two bring something a little better to the mix.

In lieu of Rhinestone Destroyed Flare Jeans, you can find Stud Detail Bootcut Jeans by Almost Famous at Buy.com. It retails for about $38 and they have other styles. The Cooper Raw Flap Denim comes direct from Affliction for about $134.

With denim back in fashion (not that it ever leaves), you can sometimes save significant money on sale events from Modnique. Within the last two weeks, Modnique has hosted two denim sales. One included dozens of brands, including 7 For All Mankind. The average savings on the latter was 50 percent off.
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