Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bits Of Vintage From Alice And Trixie

Vintage clothing always seems to get more mileage. But that doesn't mean you always have to dig around in vintage stores looking for something less worn. Some designers have taken on the job themselves.

One of those designers is Angela Taylor George. She named her brand Alice & Trixie as a tribute to the heroines of The Honeymooners. It was the classic creation of a comedic sketch that grabbed enough attention to warrant its own show. Only 39 episodes were released because audiences didn't realize how timeless the 1955-56 sitcom was compared to the show that topped it.

Although its namesakes are from the 1950s, Alice & Trixie collections go beyond a single decade for inspiration. George takes her cues from several decades with vibrant prints, solid hues, and what she calls bohemian glamour.

Alice & Trixie lines up a bit of iconic casual vintage.

While there are several dresses and tunics to consider from the full collection (like the Tessa Dress above), the versatility of alternating tops or skirts adds value. Some patterns are just enough when added to white or blue denim, whether layers or not. Others take center stage.

Colleen Top. There is something immediately likable about a top that can be casual or elegant depending on what you wear with it. The design is free flowing for a comfortable fit, and made with 100 percent silk. There is also a variation that makes an altered cut into a dress.

The only real detailing is in the criss-cross neckline, which is less obtrusive to jewelry than some tops in the collection. (The Talli top looks great but the tab closure on the V-neck cut doesn't work with a necklace.) Although black is shown here, the top also comes in a vibrant harvest gold, and bold blue and purple floral.

Arden Skirt. This simple skirt is all about versatility as a go-to mini. There are plenty of ways to pair it and Alice & Trixie has found several bold patterns to make the look. The dress itself is 100 percent silk and fully lined. It might be a summer holdover, but it still works.

It can be easily paired with something like a racer tank or free-flowing blouse, even the Colleen Top. What also stands out about the skirt is the abundance of colors and patterns. You can find it in the electronic design, Mondrian colors, or variants from the 1960s like a puzzle geo or mod florals.

Alternative Pick. Although not from Alice & Trixie (and not silk), there are other vintage stylings that have come out for late summer and early fall. Fossil carries the Chelsea Top made from nylon lace and rayon mesh. It's also part of a vintage line worth checking out.

The design is inspired by a vintage look and accented by the scoop neck. It comes across as the perfect feminine tee for jeans. It can be dressed up too. Beyond on the lace, the shirt also comes in several great colors — olive, peacock blue, mustard, and persimmon.

A couple of quick graphs about Angela Taylor George.

Like many designers, Angela Taylor George found her passion for fashion at an early age. She muses that it all started with hot pants. Later, the native New Yorker enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and worked in one of New York's premier boutiques.

What she never found enough of was bohemian fashion. She turned toward making her own; something feminine, chic, and confident like her brand's namesake. While I can't see Alice & Trixie wearing some of these designs, many celebrities who followed in their footsteps could have pulled it off. So can almost anyone today; especially those who live near any cosmopolitan coast.

Alice & Trixie Is A Cut Above 6.2 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale. 

The latest line from Alice & Trixie still carries some of the summer forward into fall. After looking at some of the upcoming designs for the new season, the brand is taking on a much more sophisticated and semi-formal look.

You can find Alice & Trixie designs at Designs By Stephanie. There are several great designs that accompanied the ones highlighted here and it will only be a matter of time before the new fall line is added. While some might might say silk is a luxury purchase, these timeless designs will last. Otherwise, the fall collection at Fossil looks good too.
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