Monday, November 15, 2010

Les Hommes Makes A Warm Winter For High-Tops

Les Hommes High-Top SneakersSomething happened when Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch got together in Belgium. Neither one of them really fit into the mold of modern fashion. Their heads were elsewhere, well ahead of anyone else in Europe and maybe the world.

Although they have two very different definitions of how to approach style, they managed to find common ground by founding Les Hommes. Four years later, their men's collection had already reached international distribution. Nowadays, they even set trends in women's fashion as well.

Les Hommes High-Top Sneaker For Winter.

While it doesn't hit me in Los Angeles as much the rest of the United States, most people are packing up their sneakers for the winter and are pulling out boots. But it doesn't have to be that way. The new high-top sneaker from Les Hommes is warm, comfortable, sueded and brings the rubber sole up high enough to protect against wet weather or a light snow.

No, you won't want into walk into a drift, and I wouldn't recommend these for rugged wear (there is another style that can take some abuse). But they do make for a smart shoe in urban settings. The quality is in the details. The pattern is laser cut, the laces are closed, and the stitch detailing is striking. What makes it work is the balance between a modern and classic look.

The high-top sneakers are sold in European sizes. And Les Hommes limits the sizes they make. These shoes are made for 41-43 in Europe, which translates to sizes 8-10 men in the United States, and is the downside for some. The price is right if you care about your feet, retailing at about $440.

Les Hommes High TopsIf you wear a different size, consider the more rugged variation. It ranges from 9 to 12 and includes a zip closure. I don't like the look as much as the gray (mostly because of the toe) and it costs about $110 more. But if the shoe doesn't fit, you can't wear it.

Alternative High-Top Sneakers For Winter Wear.

Since you won't find Les Hommes on traditional retail sites, your best bet is to browse The Corner, which is an online boutique showcasing a selection of cutting-edge fashion and accessories for men and women through dedicated mini-stores. It gives select designers a place to sell their latest fashions online. We have no connection to them. They are just cool.

blackstone high topsWhile you are there, for comparison purposes, check out the other high-top sneaker offerings like distressed leather high-tops by Costume National (but the rubber sole doesn't protect the seam). Or, search for the stained effect high-tops by Common Projects (which has seam protection, but look stiff).

I haven't seen anything comparable. In fact, the only thing in the same ball park is the Blackstone Men's Am02 High Top for $179. And what it lacks in style, it does make up some ground for in rugged appeal. But even then, you have to get over the lack of grabbing tread.

Les Hommes High-Top Winter Sneaker Inspires A 7.8 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

If Les Hommes offered more sizes, I might rate this high-top higher. The shoes fit, but the sizes leave everyone else out in the cold. Still, what I really like about these shoes is their ability to help inspire. Leather high-top sneakers are smart for winter.

We need more designers in the United States who can make better high-top sneakers. We especially need one that blends the modern and classic look. It's a drag to change shoes, depending on where you are going. And I don't like to stay in one place.
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