Friday, September 3, 2010

A Thousand Voices Under My Gold Mask

Back in January, My Gold Mask released an EP that didn't get nearly as much attention as it deserved. The good news is that the five tracks on the their shiny EP, A Thousand Voices, may find some new life in November. The couple announced plans to release their new four song 12" record called A Million Miles (From Where We Were Last) in Chicago.

The first digital single will be released on Sept. 10, but the couple has already been teasing fans with an unmastered cut on Facebook called Bobbi. You can hear it on Band Camp. Give Tu Farai a listen, a song by La Scala that Gretta Rochelle lent her voice to.

Right. Her French sounds a little Windy City at times, but otherwise it fits her ability to shift from smooth melodies to impassioned wails. But the free download is well worth it.

The Power Of Two Under The Mask.

On My Gold Mask material, Rochelle is known for not only lending her voice but also for covering a percussion-rich selection from behind the drums. Armondo supports her with his deep backing vocals and guitar or mandolin. The effect is what they call extrinsic pop.

Of the five tracks on their last EP, Violet Eyes was easily the pick of the pack. The lyrics were as strong as any the couple has ever produced, with a nod to first experiences.

Since the January release, My Gold Mask has been busy on tour, even joining up with the New Pornographers. And, after a concert in Chicago this weekend, they will head off to New York for two shows, one on Sept. 10 and a second on Sept. 11. The New York shows fit, given Rochelle's recent inclusion in BlackBook.

The craziest part of the inclusion was the description. BlackBook said Southern classic rock remix. I can't imagine ever drinking enough to hear that. Fortunately, they got the look right. Primal wild child, which fits well enough. Having any of My Gold Mask on your play list enhances its range five-fold.

A Thousand Voices From My Gold Mask Catches A 4.5 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

We'll hold off on rating Bobbi if we have the opportunity to review A Million Miles, but like much of the work, the unique sound draws you in and the forceful vocals keep you. A Thousand Voices is available on iTunes.

The A Thousand Voices - EP is also on Amazon. I wouldn't be the first person to think My Gold Mask is destined to make it big one of these days.

Special thanks to Claire among those who do. Especially grateful for the reminder why we think so.
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