Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Retro-Fab Unlocks The Like With Release Me

The LikeThere have been a few shakeups over the years for The Like, an alternative Los Angeles darling band started in 2001. But all of those recent changes are easy to forget now with the release of Release Me, a retro-fab album laced with irresistible hits.

The new sound is a huge departure from early The Like, with its one standout hit June Gloom. These gals make you want to live in the 1960s on the other side of the pond, where they have been touring this summer.

"We love the UK, we spent so much time there touring our last record that it really feels like a second home," Z Berg told Glide magazine. "We just love to travel and play music every night, and I'm excited to get to do that again."

They are doing it again, but this time it's different. Z Berg and and Tennessee Thomas aren't on a comeback with The Like as much as they are running with a new band. The addition of Annie Monroe and Laena Geronimo works and so do the modern lyrics tucked up inside a British-infused 60s sound. Check it out.

This has left some critics confused as usual. Some even say buy it if you like The Bangles and the Ronettes. Nothing against either of those girl bands, but the critics must be tone deaf or brain dead or both.

Own it if you like the swinging sixties, British style, where any skirt longer than 7 inches above the knee was too decent. Yeah, baby. Own it if you want a little slice of Austin Powers and in an era where everybody wants a ride.

Just steer clear from the slower tracks and The Like will remain irresistible. Release Me is the hottest track for a reason, but Wishing He Was Dead, He's Not A Boy, I Can See It In Your Eyes all touch on grooviness. They put swing back in your vocabulary.

Release Me by The Like Grooves With A 6.6 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

I wish I could give them higher marks, but a 6.6 is still solid. The Like's Release Me won't start another revolution but it does celebrate the day and preserves a modern version of the sound some of us born after the sixties missed. What it does do is give The Like another lease on life.

A few uptempo tracks on Release Me from iTunes is all you need to get your fix in small doses. Release Me is also on Amazon for downloads. Or, if you want to go with what's becoming retro, order the CD.
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